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Nursery and Online Shop Review - Ray Creek Orchids

Hello dear readers,

Hope you are all well after the Easter Holiday Breake!

Today I'm writing a another Orchid nursery review, which may be a bit negative but I will explain everything in time.

Ray Creek Orchids
7, Jacklin Lane,
Luddington, Scunthorpe North Lincs.
DN17 4RB

Please be aware that all nurseries I am going to be reviewing will be treated the same and I will have a basic matrix for some particular criteria.
Any additional positive and negative comments will be coming from my own personal sentiments and customer experience.
Scoring Matrix: 1-5
Plant variety :3 Price:2 Size and health: 1.5 Description vs. reality:2 Delivery time: 4 Returns:4 Customer service: 3

Ray Creek Orchids is a British "family" nursery which provides plants, it's more of a Go-To place than online shop however they do provide this service. So let us begin.

Plant variety: 3
I have scored 3 because there isn't a huge choice, and the owner doesn't update t…

Nursery and Online Shop Review - Orchid Garden // Polish Nursery - Youtube Video

Nursery and Online Shop Review - Orchid Garden // Polish Nursery