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Aliceara (Gombrassiltonia) Evening Colors

Gombrassiltonia Evening Colors GenusGombrassiltoniaEpithetEvening ColorsSynonym FlagThis is not a synonymSynonym Genus NameAlicearaRegistrant NameJ.W.McCullyOriginator NameJ.W.McCullyDate of registration15/06/1998
Created as a cross of Bratonia (Miltassia) Olmec (Seed parent) and Gomesa Grafo(Pollen parent).

There is little to almost none information on the internet on this hybrid, and it's a shame as the stunning sun painted flowers are a real pleasure to the eye, and the orchid itself is not the usual oncidium alliance representative. Of course it has pseudobulbs so characteristic for this group but it's growth pattern and how the foliage is presented makes it look more like a Cattleya than anything else.
The plant is a sympodial orchids, with the rhizome showing a bit odd upright pattern so each new pseudobulb may grow higher than the one before. The pseudobulbs itself are large, very plump and won't show shriveling easily, each has two long fleshy leaves with a rounded …

Broken pots and orchid surprises!

There was a parcel I was waiting for for a week now, and I must admit I was quite excited; why would you ask? Ah, simply because I made an order on onliine store for some things I wanted and had my eye on for sometime.
Particularly it was orchid pots, yes pots! All those plastic ones are nice and neat, but they tend to loose balance, drop from the windowsill and do all sort of funny stuff which then includes cleaning the floor and checking for damage. Furthermore the water evaporates from them quite quickly, especially if you have aeration holes on the sides. It's terrible I'm telling you!

But Orchideen-Wichmann came to the rescue as they have a nice choice of ceramic pots in different sizes and vibrant colors, so why the heck not, I said to myself chappy and ordered 9 pots in different colors! Grass green, cherry red, white and cream - of course standard 12 cm pot size because i only have them,with the exception of the two 15 cm for phalaenopsis orchids.

Aliceara (Beallara) Peggy Ruth Carpenter "Morning Joy"

Aliceara Peggy Ruth Carpenter 'Morning Joy' GenusAlicearaEpithetPeggy Ruth Carpenter "Morning Joy"Synonym FlagThis is not a synonymSynonym Genus NameAlicearaRegistrant NameEvergladesOriginator NameEvergladesDate of registration1980

Beallara orchids, or Aliceara - depending on the current name after the change in naming in the orchid society, are by far one of the most amazing and beautiful plants. I love them with all my heart for their qualities and ease in care, but what are they?
Beallara's are a cross of several different types of orchids, oncidium, odontoglossum, brassia, miltonia and so on, Sometimes the parentage is so complicated it's hard to track it in a straight line.

The parents of Peggy Ruth include Brassia, Miltonia, Odontoglossum and Cochlioda, and each of them passed specified characteristics to the plant and it's flowers.

This specific cross was created by Milton Carpenter in 1980 from Everglades Orchids who crossed a famous Beallara Tahom…